Case Studies
4-Story Hicksville Office Building

Dynamic was invited to bid an engineered project for a 4-story office building in Jericho. This project, a complete HVAC renovation to replace an existing HVAC system that was no longer code compliant. The new system was designed using two 70-ton gas fired rooftop units and a gas fired hot water boiler. The project also included all associated ductwork and hot water piping. This design, seemingly straightforward, brought with it complications and structural considerations. To provide support for the new rooftop units, there was extensive structural steel work involved. There needed to be a 3-hour fire rated boiler room constructed. In addition, shafts needed to be created and space allocated for duct and piping shafts from the roof to the basement. In addition to project cost, these shafts contributed to the loss factor on this building. Then there was an extensive ducted air distribution system including VAV boxes with hot water coils and controls that required a BMS. This design put the HVAC cost well over the owner’s budget. Dynamic was requested to offer an alternate design.

Dynamic’s design/build team offered an alternate design using a technology that is increasing in popularity. That technology is Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). Dynamic’s team designed this project around Daikin using their heat recovery heat pump application. Ventilation air was designed using a Daikin Energy Recovery Unit (ERU) on each floor. Daikin branch boxes were designed and installed so there was temperature control flexibility for areas and exposures. Air handlers and condensing units were strategically places as was refrigeration piping. This design eliminated hundreds of lost square footage for shafts.

The air distribution was redesigned to connect to the new air handlers. This design provides total flexibility for tenants and the ability to add additional air handlers for special need rooms or areas. Rather than an expensive third-party BMS, Dynamic designed the Daikin control system. This control system includes scheduling, time of day, temperature set points and if elected a billing program can be used for overtime billing.

This project was originally a $1.5mm HVAC design and one that was not the best fit for the landlord. Dynamic used its decades of experience combined with knowledge of the latest equipment and systems technology, designed and installed an energy efficient and flexible system for under $1mm.

This landlord now has a state-of-the-art HVAC system, total separation of floors and an expandable control system, and does not have to run 140 tons of HVAC for a single occupied floor. Each floor has its own environment and control. A win-win for everyone involved!

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