Protecting Our Most Valuable Resource

At Dynamic Air Conditioning Company Inc., our most valuable asset is our workforce. Our workforce consists of field, shop and office employees, and their safety is our highest priority. Construction-related accidents are something we read about all too frequently. Therefore, Dynamic places emphasis on safety in various different ways.

Dynamic is a member of Local 355 United Service Workers of America. In addition to a multi-year New York State Certified apprenticeship training program covering all aspects of Piping, Sheetmetal, Service and Maintenance, Control Systems, Project Management and more, Local 355 has a very robust safety training program.

All Dynamic field technicians and managers have received, as a minimum, OSHA 10 training and certification. This certification must be renewed every 5 years.

Following an OSHA 10 training course, Dynamic employees are able to:

  1. Recognize what worker rights are protected under OSHA
  2. Recognize what responsibilities an employer has under OSHA
  3. Identify major fall hazards
  4. Identify common caught-in or -between hazards
  5. Identify common struck-by hazards
  6. Identify types of electrocution hazards
  7. Identify ways to select appropriate PPE and lifesaving equipment
  8. Identify major health hazards common to the construction industry
  9. Recognize how to protect oneself from material handling hazards
  10. Identify major hand- and power-tool hazards
  11. Recognize the role of the workforce in improving the current culture
  12. Recognize the role of management in improving the current culture

Dynamic conducts weekly “Tool Box Talks” following OSHA guidelines. These discussions are to help on the work site, and are job-specific. Each weekly discussion is on a different subject that centers around workplace safety. Conducting these discussions on the job site adds another layer of training because certain hazards can be recognized and used as a specific example in context.

Our weekly Tool Box Talks emphasize the following and more:

  • Make Personal Protection a Priority
  • Assess the Situation at Hand
  • Doublecheck Your Equipment
  • Don’t Take Shortcuts
  • Recognize and Exercise Caution Around Flammable Liquids
  • Recognize and Exercise Caution Around Hazardous Chemicals

Lastly, with the help of our insurance carrier, we are evaluating software that helps evaluate and assess potential employee and workplace hazards. This is done through a very sophisticated algorithm that uses thousands of pieces of historical data to predict dangerous situations and/or worker habits. The goal is to predict accidents and injuries based on individual habits and work environments.

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