System Analytics

From Description to Prediction

Analytics help us understand what is going on with buildings and the HVAC systems in them. The implications of that, and what kind of actions are recommended to improve building performance ultimately save money. This is achieved as we progress on the dimensions of understanding the data and putting it in the context in which the data is created. As we get better in moving from data to analytics, we move from more descriptive analytics to predictive analytics.

Take this example: the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system typically consumes about 60 percent of a building’s total energy requirement. Of this, chiller plants consume 35 percent — translating to 20 percent, or one-fifth, of the total building energy use. So, chiller plants must be one of the first logical starting points for any building energy-efficiency initiative. On the average, about 30 operating parameters of a chiller can be monitored.

The HVAC and buildings industry is evolving in interesting ways in response to the opportunities around Analytics. Almost all the large equipment/system manufactures and service companies (such as Johnson Controls, Honeywell, Carrier, Trane, Schneider, Siemens, Daikin and Lennox) are investing aggressively in this space to become the market leader. This space is also seeing interest from mechanical contractors and facilities management companies. Large government and private organizations have undertaken their own initiatives around Big Data and Analytics to further their sustainability agenda or optimize their energy and operational budgets. Most large IT companies such as IBM, Wipro and SAS are also moving fast to build capabilities and solutions in this space. They are incorporating learning from different industry domains which also create and use Big Data to apply to the HVAC and buildings industry. Accessibility of the enabling technology is leveling the playing field.

Dynamic excels in BAS design and implementation. With over 4 decades of experience, we have the necessary experience in analytics and monitoring systems that can be very complex. Dynamic, using the latest control and data acquisition technology, will get your facility on track with optimum performance.