The Dynamic Advantage

A Focus on Value

Dynamic Air Conditioning Company Inc. has developed what we like to call the Dynamic Advantage as a way to provide our clients and prospective clients the best possible value when performing a cost/benefit analysis. Through accurate estimating (not guesstimating), realistic labor and material budgeting and competitive rates, we bring forth the most value whether it is presenting a pre-construction budget or a project proposal to the client.

From conception to completion, then ongoing planned maintenance, every aspect of an Dynamic project is diligently managed to assure superior quality of workmanship and performance. We take the guesswork out of bidding: our commitment to you is to provide the highest value in the industry.

New Technology

Dynamic researches, tests and validates new energy- and money-saving building technologies.

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Value Engineering

We find innovative concepts and ideas for bringing projects in on budget and on time.

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Equipment & System Upgrades

Whether your infrastructure is 5 or 30 years old, chances are it can be improved.

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An overview of our material, fabrication and engineering capabilities.

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Strategic Alliances

View our industry partners and memberships.

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Environmental Commitment

What has been a trend for most has been part of who we are as a company for 70 years.

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Fundamental Components

Focusing on the bottom line isn’t always the best way to reach a decision. Ultimately value is more obvious when project elements are analyzed in pieces. With the Dynamic Advantage, our clients always know that we do everything possible to enhance their investment.


Our estimators are experts who bring years of experience with them to provide you with strong, strategic and economic solutions. They work with top licensed professional engineers and designers on a daily basis, reviewing plans to ensure they are providing you with the most efficient use of equipment, material, means and methods for your project.

We have extensive resources that help keep prices down, including an in-house sheet metal shop and piping division manned with NYS certified welders. Project documents, when provided, are always evaluated based on realistic estimates of required manpower and materials, according to your critical needs and project timeline. Our employees are experienced, OSHA 10 certified and dedicated to the success of your project, always with safety in mind.

Labor rates at Dynamic Air Conditioning Company Inc. are and always have been very competitive. Just as important, however, is that our employees are not encumbered by antiquated work rules found in some labor forces. Our labor force works for and takes direction from us, Dynamic, and their loyalty is demonstrated by their performance.


“To pinpoint one job that Dynamic has done for us is nearly impossible; over the course of 15 years, they have shined on each and every one of them. Their ability to value-design utilizing their value engineering skills as well as their installation of systems is superb. These qualities are only part of what makes them, in my opinion, the best in the industry.”