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This is just to help you in getting an idea of the tonnage of air conditioning required in your room.
Please do not leave any field blank. If a field is not applicable enter 0 (Zero).


You need to specify your city of residence
to understand the ambient temperature there

  Room Dimensions (in ft.)  :  Length      /   Width      /   Height  

  Area of Windows (in sq.ft.)   :  West     /   Other Directions  

Please specify area of all the windows facing west and other directions separately.   

  Please select the floor of residence

  Basement or Ground Floor         First or Higher Floor

  Are there any floor(s) above yours  :   Yes       No

  Please specify number of people occupying the area   

  Number of Tubelights

  Number of Incandescent Lights

  Number of Computers


 Tonnage Required (Result)

The above tonnage is only an approximate estimation and actual results may vary.
For an indepth analysis and accurate calculations please call us at (212) 695-8065.